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Ad Posting

If you are a new user, before you start, kindly read the below files one by one and go through them thoroughly, so that you will get complete idea about the work.
Steps for Posting Ads
 Open a classified website/blogs/forums
 Copy and Paste the Ad Matter in the Classified Websites
 Submit the Ad posting URL in the below form
 Get paid for each ad that you post.

Submitting Form.jpg


What is Ad Title?

The Ad title copied and pasted by you in the classified website.

What is Website URL?

The Website in which you posted the ad. EX:

Valid Website URL format
Invalid Website URL format

What is Ad Posted URL?

The URL in which the ad posted by you is displayed in that particular website.
Note: Do not submit the ad activation link / Ad confirmation link, or a link which requires member login, or the Ad category page of the classified website where your Ad is visible (Your Ad might move to the next page).
Kindly try the link in another web browser before submitting any URL and make sure that the Ad matter (Ad Title, Ad Description) is visible in the URL. If the Ad matter is not visible in the Ad Posted URL, your Ads will be rejected.

Valid Ad Posted URL format
Invalid Ad Posted URL format

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