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Ad Postings Terms


  • You will be paid Rs.0.50/- to Rs.4/- (FREE PLAN Rs.0.50/-, Basic Plan - Rs.2/- & Standard Plan - Rs.4/-) for each and every successful Ad Posted.
  • Each and every Ad that you post should be valid. Do not post incomplete contents.
  • While Posting Ads, do not change the Ad matter that is provided to you.
  • After posting your Ad successfully in every classified website, you will receive the Ad posted link i.e., the link where your Ad has been showing on the classified website. You will get the Ad posted link either by email or directly from the classified website.
  • You should copy the Ad posted URL and Paste it in the below page along with the Ad title that you have posted and Website URL.
  • Before you submit the Ad posted url, Check the url in any other browser and see whether you are able to see your ad.
  • Please take care while you submit the Ad posted links and make sure there is no any error made in the process. You won't be credited for fake or invalid links.
  • Please note before you submit the report, kindly check all the Ad posted links. We should be able to see your posted Ad through the link.
  • If your Ad is not visible during verification, it will be considered as invalid. You won't be paid for invalid links.
  • In a single classified site, an Ad can be posted once every 7 days. Please note if you post more than once in a classified website within 7 days, it will be considered as invalid.
  • Do not make any error in the member link while posting ads, else we won't be able to track your ad, visitors or sales.
  • Do not upload our Logo image or our Website images while posting Ads.
  • There is no minimum amount of ads to be posted per day to get paid.
  • There is no minimum amount of work to be done per day but maximum you can only post ads according to your membership plan per day. Ads posted more than the limit in a day will be considered as Invalid. However, any referrals generated through those ads will still be paid under referral program.
  • Referrals generated through your link will be credited on the same day after approval from our administrator.
  • AD Report Approval: Once you submit the Ad posting report. It may take up to 1 or 2 working days for us to complete the verification.
  • After verification, your Ad posting earnings will be credited.
  • You can withdraw your earnings by end of the day.
  • Your Operating system must be either Window 7 or above and latest version of web browser to browse our website.
  • We do provide Phone support. For queries, kindly go through the documents or contact us.


  1. Post Ads on Websites with Good Visitors Traffic.
  2. Post Ads on Classified Websites, Job Forums, Blogs, Social Networking Sites etc.
  3. The more Ads you Post, the more you earn. In this way, there is no Earning Limitation.
  4. If you finish posting Ads in all websites then start searching for more Classified Websites, Forums, Blogs on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista etc.,
  5. Always try to put Different Ad Matters during posting Ads.
  6. Do not post same Ads again and again as it doesn't put good impression on the Reader.
  7. Try to post good Headers/Titles.
  8. It may take 5-10 days to start getting response for the Ad.
  9. Do not wait for getting response. Continue posting Ads in other Websites.
  10. Always be positive about your work.
  11. If you get any reply from your Ads, you just intimate them to mention your reference code while registering in our site.

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